Mozilla Pushes for Open Science With Science Lab



Digital literacy for researchers

Mozilla is launching a new initiative called the Science Lab with the aim to bridge the gap between researchers and the open web community. The Science Lab initiative will be led by Kaitlin Thaney, a firm believer and proponent of open science. The aim of the initiative is to aid the flow of ideas, tools and best practices regarding the use of the web to accelerate research, solve problems and improve research techniques. Software literacy is the first agenda on the list with the participation of Software Carpentry, the aim is to amplify the efforts of the foundation to impart basic computing skills to researchers. Digital literacy is considered as important as important as reading, writing and arithmetic. The other agenda on the initiative’s list for now is to find other ways to encourage the use of web in science via a global conversation. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation will be financially supporting this initiative.

[Image Credit:  zorroz Flickr]

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