Shimadzu’s New MALDI-7090 MS for Proteomics & Tissue Imaging Research


Kratos Analytical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation has introduced new MALDI-7090 TOF-TOF tandem mass spectrometer for proteomics and tissue imaging research at ASMS 2013. MALDI-7090 combines the company’s MALDI-TOF-TOF with patented technology to offer ultimate identification and structural characterization of biomolecules.

MALDI-7090 features an innovative ASDF (Axial Spatial Distribution Focusing) technology for high resolution MALDI MS/MS for accurate compound characterization. The combination of proprietary solid state laser with true 2 kHz acquisition speed, an integrated 10 plate loader and newly designed MALDI solutions software along with ASDF technology sets a new benchmark in MALDI TOF-TOF design.

MALDI-7090’s 20 keV high energy CID capability produces additional fragment ions for effective characterization of fatty acids without derivatization by locating the double bonds present in it. MALDI-7090 is a flexible, easy to use platform that can be used by novice and expert operators. The MALDI Solutions Software allows both manual and automatic control for the device while offering a powerful range of tools for method development, acquisition, data processing and interpretation.

The newly designed Shimadzu MALDI-7090 broadens the company’s MALDI product portfolio to include high performance and high throughput research fields.

Source: Shimadzu

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