Waters Corp. SYNAPT G2-Si MS Introduced at ASMS 2013

waters-synapt g2-si

Waters Corporation has showcased a lot of interesting things at ASMS 2013 Conference being held at Minneapolis from June 9 to 13. The company introduced its latest Waters SYNAPT G2-Si Mass Spectrometer while offering previews of its UNIFI CCS Research Edition and TransOmics Version 2.0 informatics products for the new SYNAPT G2-Si MS. It also demonstrated the benefits offered by these products for small molecule applications and cutting edge Omics focused research.

Waters SYNAPT G2-Si system incorporates Travelling Wave (T-wave) Ion Mobility Separations with new data acquisition and informatics technologies, and collision cross section (CCS) measurements to add another dimension of separation and resolution power into a new suite of untargeted and targeted LC/MS/MS workflows for handling the toughest analytical applications. The new technology generates unparalleled information and confidence at levels impossible to be met by mass and chromatographic separation alone. The SYNAPT G2-Si system is designed keeping in mind the requirements for in-depth studies and analysis of molecular biology and disease mechanisms for developing next generation treatments and chemical methods, screening food products and environmental samples for contaminants etc.

The collision cross section is distinctive for different molecules and it is directly related to the chemical structures and three dimensional conformations in the gas phase.  SYNAPT G2-Si stands out as the first MS system to offer reliable library based screening by elevating CCS and utilizing it alongside retention time and mass to charge ratio (m/z) as reliable identification parameters. The CCS values remain unaffected by different matrices and chromatographic methods to ensure higher confidence levels during analysis.

The High Definition Data Directed Analysis (HD-DDA) and High Definition Multiple Reaction Monitoring (HD-MRM) modes integrate CCS based separation with targeted and untargeted experiments. This integration increases the effective sensitivity for targeted discovery by 10 times in MS/MS mode while maximizing the time of flight duty cycle. It is found to increase the LC/MS/MS efficiency by about 40 percent, with improved accuracy, selectivity and spatial resolution.

Waters’ SYNAPT G2-Si Mass Spectrometer can be used to separate individual isomers, conformers and isobaric compounds, used to determine biotransformation sites, study structures at physiological concentrations, profile complex mixtures and minimize false positives and negatives in screening experiments.

Source: Waters Corp.

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