New Environmental Chambers by Thermo Scientific

forma3960 chamber

Forma 3960 environmental chamber. Credit: Thermo Scientific.

Thermo Scientific has released a range of chambers with a unique airflow system that regulates environmental conditions above and below room temperature. The chambers are designed to test drug stability and shelf-life, study insects or to store reagents.

The new range includes three environmental chambers. Two of them, available in 311 L and 821 L, are wide temperature units and include humidity regulation. The other one, available in 821 L, is a heat-only model, ideal for large-scale clinical applications and microbiology. If CO2 control is needed, an infrared CO2 package can be added to the wide temperature models. All of them are designed for environmental stability thanks to the laminar airflow, stainless-steel interior and microprocessor controls. Temperature can range from 0 to 60 ºC.

The new environmental chambers comply with the international conference on harmonization (ICH) guidelines for drug tests and product storage. They are currently available in Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region.

Source: ThermoScientific

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