New Kits for Gyrolab Miniaturized Immunoassays

The leading company in automated and miniaturized immunoassays Gyros AB has launched new kits to improve workflow and increase productivity of their last devices, the Gyrolab xP workstation and Gyrolab xPlore. The new tools are the Gyrolab™ CHO-HCP and the Gyrolab Human IgG Titer Kits. The company will showcase these kits at the BPI 2015 on 26-29 October in Boston, MA.

The Gyrolab technology allows to automate immunoassays at nanoliter scale, saving time, sample and reagents. The main feature of Gyrolab technology is a microfluidic CD that integrates sample addition, washing and detection. Microplates with samples and reagents are loaded onto the Gyrolab workdeck. From that point, the process is automatic. Liquids are transferred from the microplates to the CD. As the CD spins, centrifugal forces drive the samples through capillars that flow into affinity columns, where analytes are captured. A laser-induced fluorescence detector reads the CD, quantifying the captured protein. Up to 112 samples can be loaded on a single CD, and analyzed in parallel in less than an hour. Protein concentrations and binding profiles are ready to review using Gyrolab evaluator software.


Kits for human and murine cells

After launching, earlier this year, the Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kit 1, Gyros introduces the Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kits 2-5 to quantify host cell proteins from Chinese hamster ovary cells, a common choice in bioprocessing of therapeutics. These kits contain antibody preparations generated in several species using different antigens. The kits present a broad dynamic range and a low variation among different assays.

The other set of new tools, the Gyrolab huIgG Kits, quantifies human immunoglobulines IgG1, 2 and 4 during cell development. They show broad dynamic ranges and determinations are made for an extensive range on concentrations.

The kits are optimized for use on Gyrolab xP and Gyrolab xPlore microfluidic systems, used in most biopharma labs. Gyrolab xPlore is the small version of the xP, with smaller footprint and cost. The Gyrolab systems improve immunoassays development, validation and productivity, and are preferable to ELISA or semi-automated methods. Gyros won the the 2015 North American Immunoassay Market New Product Innovation Award.

Source: Gyros


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