WaferGen Presents the Latest Device for Single-Cell Isolation

WaferGen has launched the ICELL8 Single Cell System, a device capable of isolating 1800 single cells and identifying them thanks to CellSelect imaging and software. Multiple experiments can be carried out on a chip. The ICELL8, presented at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) meeting, will advance the drug discovery process and contribute to basic research in cell biology.

Heterogeneous cell samples can mask the properties of single cells. When studying complex samples, it is important to be able to identify single cell behaviour. The ICELL8 Single Cell System is unique in the capacity of isolating almost 2000 cells of different type and size, selecting them for downstream processes and analyzing them in batches of 8 samples per chip. It is a true high-throughput system with unparalleled dispensing and imaging capacity.


CREDIT: WaferGen.

ICELL8 technology

The ICELL8 Chip contains more than 5000 nanowells, with unique barcodes, that can contain multiple cell types and sizes. Cell suspension reagents are also provided, as well as for RNA-seq and NGS downstream applications.

ICELL8 makes use of a MultiSample NanoDispenser (MSND) to distribute nanovolumes of sample and reagent onto a chip, in an controlled environment. 8 samples are dispensed in 15 minutes. The process is carried out in a fast and controlled manner, ensuring sample viability.

An imaging station has benn purposedly designed for the ICELL8 to capture images of the samples present in the ICELL8 Chip wells. The microscope can be controlled with CellSelect software. The program can image each well and estimate the number of cells and their viability. Manual selection and review is also possible.

Source: WaferGen


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