Olympus Launches the New CKX53 Culture Microscope

Olympus CKX53Olympus has launched the CKX53 Culture Microscope. Its main features are a reliable color reproducibility, a compact design, user-friendly operation and quick cell observation thanks to a new phase contrast system.

Several research fields -regenerative medicine, drug discovery- rely on continous cell culturing. During these processes, the cells have to be observed to check culture growth or to take images, and an inverted microscope is the usual choice. To facilitate cell culture, Olympus designed the customizable IX3 series and the compact CKX series of microscopes.

The CKX53 is based on the previous  CKX41 and CKX31 models. Although it appears 13 years later, it maintains its famous optical performance but adds clearer images and faster startup. These features are possible thanks to the new phase contrast system and the LED light source. Besides, the new CKX53 is 20% lighter than the other CKX models, allowing easier operation and cell culturing.

CKX53 features

Instead of bulbs, the CKX53 has a LED light source with a color suited to cell imaging. As a result, images have a good reproducibility, even after changes in brightness. LED lights are instantly turned on, allowing faster cell observation.

The CKX53’s small footprint allows to move it around and place it in any surface or inside a hood.  Controls location allows easy operation.

A new phase contrast system allows 4X, 10X, 20X, or 40X magnification using the same ring slit.

Source: Olympus

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