Patient iP Secures $2 Million Investment

iplogoPatient Identification Platform (PatientiP), a provider of clinical trial matching technology, has obtained $2 million in a Series A investment round. The company aims to facilitate the recruitment of individuals for clinical trials, which has become increasingly difficult due to complicated selection criteria, enrollment procedures and timelines.

It is calculated that 50% of clinical trials do not enroll a single individual, increasing the costs and delaying the approval of potentially critical drugs. Patient iP, founded in 2014, addresses the difficulties of contract research organizations (CROs) and other companies and institutes to carry out clinical trials by giving them access to de-identified patient data aggregated from health records. Study protocols can be applied to the database, finding the ideal matches for the intended trial, according to the specified criteria. The Patient iP platform and several clinical trials study sites are already complete, and an important CRO has reached an agreement with the platform. The new round of financing will allow Patient iP to increase marketing and sales and expand its team.

Source: Patient iP


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