Thermo Fisher Launches Matrix 2D Barcode Reader

2D matrix barcode reader thermo fisher

Thermo Fisher Matrix 2D barcode reader.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released a barcoded latch rack and a wireless barcode reader. The new products aim to improve sample identification, tracking, collection and storage. The official launch will take place at SLAS2016 (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening).

The Matrix 2D barcoded tubes identify an individual sample and are paired with linear and 2D barcodes on three sides of the tube rack. They also feature human readable information. The new barcodes are laser-imprinted on the side of the tube rack, avoiding the very common problem of labels falling off.

The VisionMate wireless barcode reader has a new design that allows users to lay it flat on the benchtop and scan barcodes without holding the reader. The VisionMate reader versatility allows to use it also as a handheld device and take it to cold chambers or storage rooms, and works well in cold environments. The information is stored in the reader and sent to a computer via Bluetooth.

Source: Thermo Fisher

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