Porvair Launches MiniSeal II Microplate Sealer

Porvair MiniSeal II

Porvair Sciences has launched a new semi-automatic sealer for microplates. The new MiniSeal II sealer can handle multiple variants of microplates that are in conformation with the ANSI/SLAS format. It is ideal for processing PCR, filter-bottomed, assay and deep-welled pates with ease.

The new MiniSeal II makes good on the design shortcomings of its predecessor, MiniSeal. The new microplate sealer features a more powerful 450 W heater and a stepper motor that provides plenty of force to seal each of these polypropylene plates in less than 3 seconds and these sealed plates are then automatically ejected from the equipment. MiniSeal II has a compact footprint of about the size of an A4 sheet of paper, making it easier to fit it inside a fume hood or on a laboratory bench.

The sealing time and sealing temperature in MiniSeal II can be easily set with a simple up-down programming. To install, all one has to do is just plug in the equipment to an electrical outlet and start operating with a flick of a switch.

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