R-Discovery: AI Powered Tool to Supercharge Research Discovery & Consumption

R Discovery is a tool for researchers and students to find relevant research and save time in consuming this research and stay up-to-date. The tool is designed to turbocharge complex research discovery, stay abreast by decluttering and delivering the latest and most relevant content in your field of interest.

DiscoveryCurate™ AI Algorithm

Available both on web and mobile via native apps, R Discovery allows you to follow topics relevant to your interests and helps you keep abreast of latest advancements in the area. Using its proprietary discoveryCurate™ AI algorithm, R Discovery’s concept search feature removes guesswork out of the equation. The mobile apps send notifications on new research papers that it thinks are relevant to your interests.

Our LabCritics Staff has been using R Discovery’s tools to keep track of new research papers relevant to their area of expertise and has found it extremely useful not just to be informed but also increase personal knowledge. In our limited research we also found out that R Discovery is being used extensively by non-researchers such as journalists, policy makers and others to understand the complex language used in research papers. Combined with its extensive list of filters, the tool is invaluable for researchers or anyone looking to stay updated on the latest changes and discoveries.

Research Journals

Boasting about having the largest research database of 115 million research papers, preprints and other scientific literature from 32k journals, R Discovery is creating a very useful tool to empower and inform researchers.


Prime Paid Features

Among other uses of R Discovery are its translation and audio papers features that translate papers into multiple languages and help consume the same on-the-go by listening.

Other Prime paid features include an AI powered Academic Writing Assistant (PaperPal) that helps researchers in drafting preprints and journal accepted language. Since this tool is by Editage, the Prime features also include a Scientific Illustration tool that can aid researchers working on their research papers.


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