Sartorius Sartobind App for Capture Chromatography


Sartorius Stedim Biotech, a subsidiary of Sartorius AG – the leaders in bioprocess solutions have launched a new smartphone app for their Sartobind columns. The Sartobind app for its Sartobind membrane absorbers provides users with a range of tools that helps them in training and selecting the right product from the company’s Sartobind portfolio.

Sartobind app comes with a product finder feature which allows users with varying degrees of experience to choose appropriate membranes for capture chromatography. The Ion Exchange Calculator allows users to understand the relation between pH and isoelectric point of the proteins of interest. Sartobind app also provides access to a digital library with flexible search function that enables researchers to download application notes and other literature by search parameters related to target molecules, membrane type, device format, etc. It also has a built-in flowrate calculator, glossary, FAQs and a list of isoelectric points for proteins and viruses.

The app can be downloaded to the smartphone from Sartorius’ website directly by following the download button below. Sartobind app is optimized for iPhones, but it is capable of running on Android powered devices also.

sartorius download button

Source: Sartorius

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