SCIEX Presents High-Resolution Mass Spectrometer


X500R QTOF System by SCIEX.

SCIEX will present the  X500R QTOF System at ArabLab (March 20-23, 2016). The new high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) instrument has been designed taking into account the input of professionals from routine food, forensics and environment labs. The new system has improved balance, scalability and productivity.

HRMS systems are typically complicated to operate, with cumbersome interfaces and hard to interpret results. The X500R QTOF has a new operating system based on the user needs. The software is now easy to use, and libraries and methods are custom designed for routine applications. The robust performance of the  Turbo V™ ionization source ensures the reliability of the results, even for complex samples. The stability is maintained through long runs with automated calibration.

SCIEX’s proprietary N-optic design grants the X500R QTOF system balance between key parameters (sensitivity, mass accuracy, linear dynamic range, MS/MS acquisition and resolution).

Multiple applications of the X500R QTOF system

The X500R QTOF system has been designed to excel in several key applications. Food contaminants can be detected at 10 ppb. Environmental pollutants like pesticides can be detected at 20 ug/kg in agricultural samples. TOF MS/MS reliably identifies drugs in forensic samples. The new acquisition and processing workflows IDA, MRMHR, and SWATH® Acquisition add screening and data mining capabilities.

Source: SCIEX


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