Sensum Mu_ Helps Create Your Own “Biosong”


Everyone can now create their own masterpiece, using their body a personal orchestra. Sensum, a Belfast, UK based startup makes it possible with its new Sensum Mu_ which monitors body’s vital stats using sensors and converting them into music. Sensum Mu_’s sensors include a heart rate monitor which goes around the waist and a moisture sensor on the fingers in order to measure the physiological arousal levels.

The data captured by these sensors are then fed into software that brings about variations in music based on the galvanic skin response (GSR) and heart rate levels. Sensum Mu_ uses a simple template for all the tracks, but the tempo which depends on the inputs from sensors varies according to the changes in the signals. The tempo varies from 1 individual to another.

The new Sensum Mu_ comes close on the heels of Chromochord, a device that creates music using protein molecules by Dr. Josiah Zayner. There are also other companies like gene2music, 23andMe’s DNA Melody and BioBeats trying to create music out of DNA and human physiological data.

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