TAP Biosystems Develops New Method for Bioprocessing Automation with ambr Micro Bioreactors


By using their very own ambr micro bioreactor system, scientists at TAP Biosystems developed a new method for microcarrier cell culture. In addition to dispensing consistent microcarrier samples at microscale (10 – 15 mL), this new automated method allows rapid process optimization, improves productivity and shortens timelines particularly in vaccine production and development of cell therapies.

The new method was developed using adherent Vero cells attached to Cytodex 1 microcarriers. This technique not only allows constant media exchange (in approximately 4 hours), but also provides even microcarrier distribution, both of which are not possible using spinner flasks or bench top bioreactors. Moreover, the disposable micro bioreactors within the ambr micro bioreactor system offers parallel and simultaneous processing, thus allowing scientists to compare up to 24 different cell-specific culture parameters to optimize culture conditions.

One of the advantages of this new method is that it saves a great deal of time in scaling up the manufacturing of vaccines and cell therapies as scientists can now initiate their experiments with uniform microcarrier samples. Process development is also possible within weeks rather than months. These are especially crucial during a pandemic threat, when a quick response is required.

Source: TAP Biosystems

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