Zymo Research Launches EZ RNA Methylation Kit for Epigenetics Research


Zymo Research Corporation – The Epigenetics Company, one of the leading providers of research tools for DNA methylation analysis and epigenetics research in the market has expanded its range by introducing a new EZ RNA Methylation Kit. This new kit enables scientists investigate RNA methylation by detecting 5-methylcytosine after the bisulphite conversion of RNA.

Zymo Research’s EZ RNA Methylation Kit adds detection of RNA methylation to the list of epigenetic modifications that can be investigated using the company’s comprehensive range of products and services available for epigenetics analysis. Until now, epigenetic research was mainly focused on investigating modifications in DNA and proteins associated with it. But with RNA known to have more than 100 reported modifications and the potential biological relevance of these modifications makes it necessary to study RNA modifications and EZ RNA Methylation Kit stands up to its name and makes it easier to do so.

Source: Zymo Research

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