Cella Medical Solutions wins Adecco Award

The Spanish 3D printing company Cella Medical Solutions won the Adecco “Idea Joven Más Brillante” 2015 Award to the brightest idea from a young entrepreneur. With the €10000 award, the human resources company recognizes the efforts of innovative startups from Spain.

Cella Medical Solutions is a recently constituted company that intends to print organ replicas in 3D for surgery planification and learning. Patient specific tumoral organ 3D printing allows surgeons to practice before engaging in the operation. The printed organ is exactly equal to the real one, which also gives untrained medical staff the chance to practice. Their technology would apply mostly to cancer cases.

Organ characteristics are captured  by means of magnetic resonance and recreated in materials that simulate the real consistency. The reproductions use transparent matter and apply different colors to identify internal elements.

The methodology benefits the patient, the medical team and the hospital.

A better planification reduces risks for patients. Surgeries are less aggressive, thus reducing negative impact in the organism, morbidity and post-operative care time. A more efficient surgery also means shorter interventions and saving costs.

CEO Darío García defended his business idea with a one minute video presentation and a personal interview where he had to convince an experts committee about the viability of his company. Miguel Cobacho, commercial operations manager, thanked the human resources company for believing in young people and in their idea and affirmed they would dedicate the prize to the fight against cancer. The jury valued the viability, creativity, long-term validity and possibilities of the project, as well as its positive impact on society.

Eva María Fernández from Adecco awarded the prize and affirmed that the decision was tough. Five finalists were chosen among a hundred high level proposals.

Source: murciaeconomia





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