Fluxion Biosciences Launches Quattro HT Array for BioFlux Systems

BioFlux Quattro Array

Fluxion Biosciences has announced the launch of new Quattro High Throughput Array System for the company’s BioFlux live cell analysis systems. The new Quattro Array System provides an option for both existing and new customers to extend the capabilities of their BioFlux 200 and BioFlux 1000/1000z systems.

Fluxion’s BioFlux systems play an important role in drug development and it is widely used by many leading pharmaceutical companies. BioFlux system allows precise manipulation of cellular micro-environments to facilitate various assays, in turn providing a better approximation of in-vivo conditions on an industry standard well plate format. BioFlux systems are used in a number of applications including anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-platelet and cancer drugs whose response is sensitive to the surrounding environment of the cells as it can mimic the body conditions. The new Quattro Array system increases the throughput of these BioFlux systems by making it possible to simultaneously run 4 BioFlux plates, and these plates can be read using a microscope or High Content Screening system as either time point or end point assays. Increased throughput will be beneficial to the lead optimization applications involved in identifying the best candidates for clinical development and BioFlux system with Quattro Array will significantly advance drug development.

Source: Fluxion Biosciences

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