Molecular Devices Launches New ImageXpress Micro XLS System

Molecular Devices LLC has launched its latest ImageXpress Micro XLS System, a new addition to the company’s high content screening portfolio. The new system possesses enhanced speed and flexibility suitable for both fixed-end point and time-lapse live cell studies.

The new ImageXpress Micro XLS System is an improvement over the company’s earlier ImageXpress Micro XL System with the addition of latest leading edge hardware components and next-gen MetaXpress Software together as a single package, in turn drastically improving its throughput and performance. The ImageXpress Micro XLS System can screen more than 50,000 wells in a day, effectively characterizing highly heterogeneous samples from large, diverse populations and identify rare sub-populations. The flexibility of ImageXpress Micro XLS allows configuring them to suit unique applications as required by research labs. The system also imparts environmental control, on-board liquid handling and brightfield capabilities for label-free cellular monitoring over time-lapse experiments to eliminate the need for toxic nuclear stains in live-cell imaging.

Source: Molecular Devices

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