Pall Corporation Introduces XRS 20 Bioreactor System


The XRS 20 Bioreactor System recently introduced by Pall Corporation is a single use system for using the company’s own simple, single use Allegro 3D biocontainer. This next generation rocker bioreactor with unique agitation properties is suitable for cultivating and culturing mammalian cells in suspension culture.

The Pall Corporation XRS 20 offers better mixing and higher mass transfer owing to its unique bi-axial agitation process, thus expediting nutrient and metabolite transport in cellular microenvironment. It increases the viability of the cell cultures and increases the protein expression levels by producing high density cultures.

The Allegro XRS 20 biocontainer is integrated with sensors, filters, drain and tubing sets for rapid and efficient installation and harvest. XRS 20’s controller with easy to use touch screen interface makes it easier to monitor and control the process parameters. It can be used for applications ranging from general life sciences research to seed train operations and GMP production at 2-20 liter scale.

Source: PALL Corp.

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