State of the Art Pilot-Reactors by AGI

AGI Glassplant is launching its state-of-the-art Sakura and Sakura Mini next-generation premium pilot reactors. These new lab scaled versions of industrial bio-reactors incorporates the latest reactor vessel technology ensuring enhanced performance and efficiency for chemical process scale-up.

AGI Glassplant is a subsidiary of the Japan based AGI Group specialising in manufacture and installation of lab-scale to industrial-scale equipment and glassware for diverse chemistry solutions. The latest release from AGI Glassplant combines decades of experience and the world’s largest glassblowing army of skillsmen to create a great pilot reactor offering in a robust, easy-to-use package. The Sakura and Sakura Mini next-generation pilot reactors enables chemists to easily scale up their processes, and features best-in-class glassware and AGI Glassplant’s Cyclone Vessel Technology as standard offering.

Combined with AGI’s recently released Glassplant Pilot Reactor Controller, the Sakura series is a great addition to most laboratories looking at a means to scale up production to large scale manufacturing and bioprocessing plants. The company is including the new pilot vessels of up to 100 L, with the option to upgrade to the company’s proprietary Ring Baffle Vessel Technology for a more efficient operation.

Sakura Mini is specifically designed to be flexible, with a range of interchangeable 10 to 30 L vessels. The Sakura series can support a wide range of applications, thanks to the ability to mount ancillary equipment – including custom glassware, dropping funnels, condensers, collection flasks, reflux splitters, etc directly to the frame.

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